Wrestling Preview


McKenzie Keller, Staff Writer

“We have a lot of new people we are going to have to work with to get in the motion of actually being able to wrestle,” says Theo Policastro, a junior at Brodhead High. He has been in wrestling for three years now, but is currently injured during the start of the season.

Most of the really good wrestling members were in the senior class of last year, which is something most of the older people are worried about. There are many new people in wrestling this year and they have to be trained. Not only trained how to wrestle in the high school level, but also how to maintain their weight throughout the wrestling season.

When asked the difference between high school wrestling and middle school wrestling, Lucas Steiner said, “I think it’s awesome, a lot more freedom.” At the high school level, you don’t work so much as a team but instead more individual work.

Many of the members are working on themselves to become stronger and better for the wrestling season. Even though the new people don’t know much, the upperclassmen are willing to help them become better for their entire team.