Investigative Journalism: AJ Krueger

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Investigative Journalism: AJ Krueger

AJ Krueger, Staff Writer

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“Approximately one fifth of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood.” (

In today’s day and age more and more people are beginning to actually discuss mental health issues. Though we have come a long way, there’s much more to go through to get to a comfortable understanding of mental health issues.

In Brodhead High School, many students have shown signs of depression, anxiety, and disorders along those lines. Now more than ever teens need help with their issues. Often they can feel there is no one to talk to and that you’re alone in the world; they feel like they’re the only one that could possibly have this problem. What they don’t realize is that they’re never alone, that there will always be someone in this school to help and support them, they just need to know where to look.

Why do they need help? It’s simple. They feel alone, bad thoughts swirling in their head.  Depression can increase a teens risk at attempting suicide by 12 times and 30  percent of teens with depression develop a substance abuse problem. (

What can help this one may ask? The program Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Is an organization that that helps spread awareness of the affects of depression, anxiety, and the substance use that sometimes comes with it. They bring in teachers to help train our own teachers and they do their best to spread information to students themselves.

The problem in our school is that there hasn’t been a clear message told to our students. Many students laughed or had to think a moment before responding to “What does Y2Y do for our school?” Only the members of the organization and select teachers could answer the question in detail.

Mr. Reisterer, the band teacher, had this to say about Y2Y, “I think five years from now we’re going to look back and say ‘Wow that was one of the best schools we had in the last five years to make our school environment healthier’”. We all know that they do their best, it is clear to see. We know that they do good for our school, but they just need to put themselves out there a bit more and explain to the students of Brodhead as to what exactly they’re doing for us and how they’re trying to better us.

The amount of students with mental health illnesses is alarming at this point in time. The school has many things in place to help these students, but they’re still struggling through day to day life. There are at least 5 different programs including personal and group therapists to help our students. It’s amazing to have all of these things for students, but quite a few have no idea that there’s even anything in place for them. It wouldn’t be hard for them to spread awareness of these, it wouldn’t be too hard. It would help a large majority of students who are suffering in silence.