Climate Change… Real? Or myth?

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Climate Change… Real? Or myth?

Scottee Hoff, Staff Writer

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Climate change is an ongoing battle that many know about. However, one controversial question always seems to surface, is it real?

After talking to two Brodhead High School students and a teacher along with a North Carolina Wilmington Graduate student studying marine ecology, it became apparent that there are different views on the topic.

When asked if she though climate change was a real issue, Brodhead High School student, Madee Harding stated, “I think climate change is a problem to an extent. I know that the earth has natural heating cycles but climate change definetley makes them hotter. ”

However, UNCW student, Baylee Hoff, who is pictured to the left confidently claimed, “It is so shocking that people can actually be climate deniers”.

Looking at this from both sides provides an interesting perspective. Whether people think climate change is an issue or not, our temperatures and seasons and definitely changing.

While some people may not see it, studies show that air pollution is the leading cause of climate change. The sources of this pollution are the land and water pollutants that are becoming an everyday issue in our world.

Not only is climate change worsening, its effects are as well. Climate change doesn’t just give us hotter summers and less bitter winters, but in fact it causes much more than that. The melting of ice caps is raising sea levels significantly, droughts and wildfires are becoming more and more common, and animal life itself is depleting due to the drastic raise of temperatures.

People are turning their heads and choosing to ignore the serious situation at hand. Whether you start picking up garbage that you see laying on the ground or floating in the water or start walking rather than driving, every contribution helps. This is a time for all of us to band together and voice our concerns about climate change and its many harmful effects, not push it aside while we wait for it to fix itself.

As Baylee Hoff proposes, “We need to use our voices and make it very clear that this is an issue that is very important to us. That’s really the only way we are going to see a result”.