What Makes a Great Teacher

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What Makes a Great Teacher

Morgan Tresemer, Staff Writer

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Throughout my 12 years of schooling in the Brodhead School district I have come to realize there are good teachers and there are great teachers. In order to carry out my investigation I asked various students and staff members at Brodhead High School to see what they thought made a great teacher.

I started my investigation by interviewing a couple students in order to get their opinion. The first questions I asked was, “What makes a great teacher?”

Brooke Bescup, a senior at Brodhead High School said, “A great teacher cares about the students and will help them if they need help.”

Junior student, Zoe Tresemer said, “A teacher is great because they are willing to help you and they connect well with students.”

Once I learned about the qualities of a great teacher I was very curious to hear who they thought was a great teacher. I received a wide variety of answers. I believe that the numerous different answers I received proved that there are lots of great teachers at Brodhead High School.

After asking about how a good teacher can become a better teacher, I went to talk to some teachers. I asked random teachers what made them a great teacher.

Math teacher, Mrs. Deloroit said, “I think what makes me a great teacher is that I love my math! And I believe in all of you guys (students).”

I finished my interview with the students asking if they thought all of the teachers at Brodhead High School were great teachers.

All of the students said, “yes” without any hesitation.

After my interviews with students, while listening back through everyone’s answers. I found that there is 

more than one definition for a great teacher. Some teachers are great because of the way they teach, while others are considered great for the way they care and connect with their students.

I think that every teacher has some great in them, even if they give too much homework or give impossible quizzes. They all have something special that made them want to be a teacher. I think that it is essential that students truly apprec

iate the great teachers we have at Brodhead High School.