Sports and Academics

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Sports and Academics

Zoe Tresemer, Staff Writer

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Both sports and grades can be a huge part of someone’s life. Down the road, does one mean a little more in life? That is where my investigation began. At Brodhead High School I was able to interview students and teachers about what they thought about the importance of sports and academics in our school. I interviewed several students and a few teachers throughout the school day, both in and out of the classroom. It was very interesting to see their opinion on the importance of sports and academics in our school and society.

My first question to them was “What is more important grades or sports?”

Mrs. Ebensperger, teacher at Brodhead High School said, “Of course, academics”

Cora Purdue, senior at Brodhead said, “Academics are more important. We are here to learn and sports ar

e just abonus.”

Various other students also answered academics.

Seeing that the answer was overwhelmingly academics, I wanted to know what was more popular at Brodhead High School academic or athletic achievements.

Vene King, a junior at Brodhead High School stated “Sports are more celebrated than academics because people really like sports.”  

Junior student, Kiara Buttke answered, “Sports are more popular than being academically smart.”


My next question was their opinion on how both can be equally showcased instead of just one overpowering the other.

The answer I got was to enforce the code more to make everything fair. Also, to show academic achievements in the newspaper, as well as sports achievements.


My final question was “What will better off help you in the future?”

All of the people that I interviewed, teachers and students alike, said “academics.” Collectively, they all agreed that what happens in a classroom will help you farther in life and help you get a job. Education is necessary for future success.


When all of my interviews were done I noticed that in some ways both sports and academics are important and popular. As a student, success and accomplishment is celebrated in the classroom with classmates. Students are able to show off their knowledge and receive feedback on the effort put into things. On the other hand, athletes receive feedback on a larger scale of a field, court, or track. Success and accomplishment is often shared as a score. Athletes are able to learn leadership skills and a sense of teamwork while staying physically active.


Our school is proud of all the students and athletes at Brodhead High School. I just wish they were celebrated equally so thateveryone is recognized for their accomplishments.