Ashton’s Investigation

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Ashton’s Investigation

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Ashton Thompson’s Investigation Project for Brodhead Media

Students and teachers of Brodhead High School were asked by me about having Quidditch at Brodhead High School as a new sport. Quidditch is a sport that was invented by J.K. Rowling that was also put in the popular series HARRY POTTER. Quidditch is now being played in real life in other communities.

The question that I asked was “Would Brodhead High School want to participate in having a Quidditch team?”

I was asking because I watched a video of people playing Quidditch on YouTube. It looked really fun and I think that Brodhead should have a Quidditch team.

Tristan Sour who is a senior at Brodhead High School told me he did know about Quidditch. He said it was the sport from Harry Potter where the teams have broomsticks and they throw balls into hoops and try to catch the snitch.

Ian Anderson who is a sophomore at Brodhead High School told me that he thought that it sounded like a fun sport and people would enjoy playing it.

Mr. Haycraft who is a teacher at Brodhead High School told me that if Brodhead does have a Quidditch team that there should be one equal team.

In conclusion, out of all the people I asked, Quidditch may or may not be possible at Brodhead High School, but if we did it would bring the community together for fun.