Mental Health PSA


Carissa Blum, Staff Writer

As we go about the years, mental health in schools and in day-to-day life is becoming an ongoing and more prominent issue in modern society. For a long time, the stigma of mental illness and health problems has been a thing to be timid and contradictory about, as it was not accepted as a real thing people deal with. Now, depression, anxiety and other illnesses are known to be a danger and a killer to the mind of students and adults.

The statistics in this PSA backup the point that people, more specifically kids, are struggling more and more with unheard cries for help. For these children with different needs, their grades begin to drop, they are absent a lot, and they may start taking other ways out to stop feeling the pain- like drugs, self-harming and alcohol. These kids are labeled trouble-makers, the bad eggs in the mix. But what they really are is in need of help, may it be intensive or just the need of a friend.

We ourselves cannot help the problem of the lack of phycologists, counselors and therapists in schools, but we can help in a different way. Reach out, speak to those struggling. Educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of different illnesses and learn how you can help. Be a friend. have compassion for those whose struggles you don’t know of.

With the musical glory of Zayde Wolf’s song, “Walk Through the Fire” is able to help illustrate the point this PSA is trying to make. Help someone walk through the fire, or, if you are struggling yourself, don’t walk through the fire alone.