What Is A GSA?

Luke Nipple, Staff Writer

Brodhead High School has many clubs, ranging from something physically intense as Guys & Dolls/Express, to something that could be considered nerdy like Math Team or Bob Ross Club.

But there is one club that is often forgotten and that is the GSA.

GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance and is considered a safe space for closeted and non-closeted LGBT+ kids at Brodhead High. The topic of a GSA at Brodhead makes some people wonder, why is something like that needed here?

“I think GSA is needed because it can bring an understanding towards LGBT people and make them unified and friendly towards each other.” Said Cece Hale, senior at Brodhead High School. “For people to realize that you’re a regular person and that it’s okay to be different.” Said Kiara Buttke, senior.