What is creative writing club


Jessica Brabant, staff writer

Most students at Brodhead High School, do not know what Creative Writing club is. So I asked some of the members who are very passionate about this club and how it affects their lives.

“Its a safe place to share my writing and have a fun time, once a week.” says Annika Bernstein, BHS junior.

We always think of writing as a horrible thing, yet in creative writing club, it does not have to be. Amelia Richardson, BHS sophomore, saying

“It brings me closer to people that like writing stories, and it helps me work on bettering my stories.”

Another member Kaylee Rogers, BHS sophomore, said, “The people in it.”

This is a tight knit group of people who love to share their stories and are free of judgment.

Mrs.Hurt, english teacher and Creative Writing Club supervisor, at BHS, said

“People should join if they wanna work on their writing, if they wanna be in a supportive community, thats gonna give them some feed, and if they just wanna come, have fun and eat snacks with us.”

Creative Writing club meets Thursdays in resource at Mrs.Hurts room.