Mental Health Awareness In Teens


Genevieve Myhre, Staff Writer

Mental health is an issue that isn’t very well known. And even though people are aware of the symptoms, many kids often don’t know them or are unaware of the secret struggle some go through. Kids may go to class, eat lunch, and work while keeping a happy demeanor and a smile on their face, but sometimes that’s not how they are truly feeling. Kids may joke about the subject and think its funny. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness on the subject and how serious it actually is. In this video, I asked a student from each grade level a series of questions based around this topic. They each had their own take on the subject, ranging from a good  knowledge on the subject to not knowing very much. This seems to be a problem among many Brodhead students as many don’t know what the definition of mental health actually is or they aren’t well informed. Even though there is a class that goes over the topic, they go over it very briefly. This may be one cause of the unknowingness of the student body on the subject. In this video I hope that I brought at least a little more understanding and awareness to my fellow classmates.