Who is Carl Semrow? – 2015-16

Carly Benton and Morgan Condon

What is it like to be Carl Semrow?
By Carly Benton and Morgan Condon

What is it like to be Carl Semrow? Carl Herbert Semrow was born on November 24th, 1998. He has been growing up in Brodhead, Wisconsin for 17 years. He has two sisters, Mary and Melissa. His mom, Dr. Lisa Semrow, is the principal of Brodhead Middle School.

Semrow said, “My favorite thing to do in my free time…maybe run, no…boating.”

Semrow loves to be outside and be active with friends and family.

When we asked senior, Garret Nyhus, what he thought of Carl, he said,”Eh, he’s okay.”

But when we asked freshman, Joe Kloepping, what he thought, he said, “He’s funny.”  

After talking to Mr. Tim Ast, Semrow’s favorite teacher, we learned how Semrow really is as a student. Semrow takes Mr. Ast’s Principles of Engineering class.

“Carl has a tendency to speak out of turn or without raising his hand, and sometimes the questions are what I already just went over,” Ast said.

He added, “I think Carl’s a good student. He works real hard, but sometimes he doesn’t listen to all of the instructions.” 

Semrow also gave us a tour of his car, a 1998 Buick Regal. He got it for his 16th birthday and was very happy with it.

“She gets cleaned on Sundays,” Semrow said, “so that’s the best time to drive her.”

We noticed that his Buick is not exactly a picture-perfect car. The seats are torn, the hood pops on its own, and it has only one windshield wiper. Even with these flaws, Semrow still seems to love his car just as much as any kid would.

Pretty soon Carl is going to be taking a huge step towards his future: College. We asked him why he decided to graduate early.

Semrow said, “[I wanted to] explore new things, not be stuck here forever.”

Semrow said he wants to get out of high school so he can focus on his career. He’s looking at UW Green Bay, and then planning on going to OSU. Electrical engineering technology instrumentation is his planned major.