Blood Drive – 2015-16

Morgan Condon

Blood Drive Returns to BHS
By Morgan Condon

On Monday, February 8, Hayley Shelton hosted the blood drive for her senior project. It was held in the high school gym from 8am to 2pm.

Many people ended up coming to donate blood that day. Shelton was nervous as to what the turnout would be, but she had nothing to worry about. She said they were booked and had no more openings for people to donate.

To donate blood, all you have to do is go and sign up. If you are 16, you can donate, but you need a parent’s signature. If you are 17, then all you have to do is sign up and show up.

When you get to the drive, you have to sign in and read the required materials. Next, a nurse does a little check up on you to make sure you are eligible to give blood. After that, the nurse takes you to a place to get comfortable, and they take your blood. Lastly, you have to stay there for about 15 minutes just so they can make sure you are okay, and you get food.

Once all the nurses and staff have packed up their equipment, they take all the blood back to Madison and get it tested. They test it for anything that could be harmful to the recipient. Once it comes back all clear, they send it off to the hospitals for people in need.

Everyone should give blood at least once in their life. Every time you donate a pint, you could save three lives. Just think: if you needed blood, you would be happy that people donated to help you. So pay it forward and go donate today!