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Media Analysis – Who We Are and Our Mission

Our class is more than just the morning announcements or blog posts—we strive to teach students relevant, 21st century skills that will allow them to succeed in an ever-evolving technological world. Our students must synthesize a variety of information in order to create one cohesive project. They must collaborate to achieve their end results. They are pushed to step outside their comfort zones and investigate the lives and experiences of others. They have the opportunity to work with some of the best video editing and design software. Our classroom itself models a multi-media conglomerate, with students all working at their own pace and direction on different projects simultaneously. Students become journalists, directors, producers, sound engineers, broadcasters, and critical audience members, all in one class. We also work on special projects like last year’s school-wide lip dub, public service announcements in collaboration with Better Brodhead, and this year’s district video.

Our Vision

We are happy to be in the second year of our program, but as always, we are looking ahead. Our vision for the Brodhead Media program is to run as many real-world facets of a true media company as possible: a newspaper or magazine, a broadcast channel, social media for the school district, advertising and marketing, and a creative films division. With time, an increased class size, and access to the right resources, we are confident our dream will become a reality within the next two school years.

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