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Blue Bernstein
Greetings, my name is Blue and I am a senior this year. This is my first year in media, and I am hoping it will be a blast. In my free time I am a writer, avid reader, and artist. I am in multiple different clubs, including Students Advocating For Equality (SAFE), Y2Y, Bob Ross Club, and Creative Writing Club. When I graduate I plan to go to the University of Milwaukee for an art education degree. My favorite book series is Harry Potter, but if we don't include any of those books it would have to be The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Carry On, or Two Boys Kissing. My friends will tell you I am annoyingly smart, but I think that everyone is smart in their own right, I just know how to apply my smartness to everyday life. My words of wisdom to you as a senior are 1. take classes you are interested in, not just because you were told they would be easy. and 2. the following words will destroy your life if you follow them constantly;

“Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today.”

― Benjamin Franklin

Blue Bernstein, Staff Writer

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